Hampi-Daroji Jan 2017

The 3rd Karnataka Bird Festival was held in Daroji, in the heart of the spectacular Hampi-Daroji landscape in Ballari district. The fest was organised by The Karnataka Forest Department and Karnataka Ecotourism Development Board. I was invited as one of the speakers, to screen the “Race to Save the Amur Falcon”. It was great to meet birder friends from all over the country, listen to some riveting talks and to enjoy some speciality birding!


The iconic species of the Hampi-Daroji landscape – the Yellow-throated Bulbul

Special thanks to Vijay Mohan Raj of the KFD and SK Arun, the honorary wildlife warden of Ballari.

Here are some images from the trip. For starters, there are three specific places for photography — the hide inside the Jungle Lodges campus, the Hampi ruins (for the Yellow-throated Bulbul) and the Thungabadra canal trail.